about us

Nai Roshni is a Non-Profit, Non Religious, Non Governmental and Non Political organization. This organization was establish in Aug, 2001 but informally this organization was working for the backward and poor people in the rural areas around Lucknow, India for many years before that. This organization is actively helping local people into the areas of Education and Health.

The main objective of the organization is to help those people who are lacking even the very basic education and Medical needs. To develop any Society Education plays the most Important role. Very truly as said by one poet,

"Without education a person is like an animal"

To help fight the Darkness of Illiteracy among left out section of the society few like minded people got together and as an Unit started working in the year 2001, particularly in the field of basic Education and health.

In the year 2006 It was formally registered as a Non-Profit, NGO. Since then It has made significant progress in the areas of basic eduction, health and environment.